Germany’s G20 Presidency and the Africa compact: what now for the G20-Africa partnership?

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Image: Nairobi Uhuru Park
Africa agenda on existing platforms

Germany’s assumption of the G20 presidency kicked off on 1 December 2016 with a concerted presentation of its priorities, as the multilateral economic and financial forum looks towards its Hamburg Summit of July 2017. Of note among these priorities is the Compact with Africa through which Germany seeks to intensify partnerships with Africa 

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Germany’s role in the 2030 Agenda: A view from South Africa

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Image: Leitplanken / Guardrails
No sustainability without planetary guardrails.

Just at the time that the world signed a landmark development compact – the 2030 Agenda – and climate change agreement, the slogan ‘Take our country back’ or ‘Make America great again’ became the clarion anti-establishment call in parts of Europe and the US. The liberal international order, especially of the last 25 years, is considered by many analysts to be under threat and Germany is regarded by some as a bastion against its decline.

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