Autor: Robert Kappel

A new basis for the cooperation with Africa

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From agricultural to market society

Seldom is the African market discussed in terms of an opportunity for international cooperation. As long as Europe and the USA subsidise their agriculture, African farmers have no place within the European markets. A stable middle class struggles to develop in consequence. Germany and Europe could help trigger a turnaround if processes of endogenous development were supported by economic measures and technological and research collaborations.

Compact with Africa: Fostering Private Long-Term Investment

Photo: Bridge in AfricaThe German G20 Presidency puts the spotlight on Africa’s economic development. In its ´Compact with Africa´, the German G20 Presidency, jointly with the African partners, wants to encourage institutional investment by pension funds and life insurers in infrastructure to encourage corporate direct investment. The objective of the “Compact with Africa” is to boost growth and jobs, promote inclusion and give people economic opportunities at home so that they do not have to leave their home country to seek subsistence elsewhere. 

Kooperation mit Afrika auf neue Beine stellen

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Von der Agrargesellschaft hin zur Marktgesellschaft

Der afrikanische Markt wird selten als Chance für internationale Kooperation diskutiert. Solange Europa und die USA ihre Landwirtschaft subventionieren, haben afrikanische Bauern keinen Platz auf den europäischen Märkten. Eine stabile Mittelschicht kann dadurch kaum entstehen. Einen Beitrag zu einer Trendwende könnten Deutschland und Europa leisten, wenn ökonomische Maßnahmen sowie technologische und Forschungskooperationen Prozesse endogener Entwicklung unterstützen.