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The EU’s Migration Partnership Framework: Time for a rethink

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Image: Refugee Camp
Understanding the politics of migration in Africa

As European and African leaders gather in Abidjan, tensions over migration continue to simmer. Since 2015, the EU has developed a range of initiatives aimed at reducing migrant arrivals from Africa. The most controversial of these has been the Migration Partnership Framework (MPF). With its emphasis on keeping people out and sending them back, its bilateral and transactional approach to engagement with African partners, and its explicit use of positive and negative incentives, the MPF epitomises the most disturbing trends in EU migration policy.

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Economic Development and Migration in Africa: Going beyond just ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’

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Image: Kusile Power Station, Witbank, South Africa
Jobs need to be steady – and safe

Policy makers, struggling to respond to migration within Africa and from Africa to Europe, have turned to economic development as a means to improve prospects in potential migrants’ home countries. The logic goes, if people have livelihoods in their home countries they are less likely to undertake the dangerous journey across Africa and the Mediterranean to Europe. Read the rest of this entry »