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Investment Facilitation Index presented at WTO Public Forum

Axel Berger presented the new Investment Facilitation Index (IFI) at the Public Forum of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 10 and 11 October 2019 in Geneva. The index maps the adoption of investment facilitation measures at domestic level and serves as a basis for future research on the economic benefits and costs of an…

Präsentation des Investment Facilitation Index beim WTO Public Forum

Axel Berger präsentierte den neuen Investment Facilitation Index (IFI) während des Public Forums der Welthandelsorganisation (WTO) am 10. und 11. Oktober 2019 in Genf. Der Index bildet die Implementierung von Investment Facilitation-Maßnahmen auf nationaler Ebene ab und dient als Grundlage für zukünftige Untersuchungen zum wirtschaftlichen Nutzen und zu den Kosten eines internationalen Rahmenwerks für Investment…

G20 Summit in Osaka – The Drought Years of International Cooperation

Photo: Bridge in Osaka at nightThe G20 has been mired in an ongoing crisis for years. After the G20, newly formed ten years ago at the level of heads of state and government, initially overcame the economic and financial crisis more or less successfully, the question quickly arose as to its role beyond reacting to crisis. Instead of taking on a proactive role as a strategic steering committee for the global economy, driving reforms and ensuring the provision of global public goods (such as climate protection and free trade), the G20 proceeded to jump from one issue to the next. The fact that its presidency changes every year has contributed to this ‘issue hopping’.

Investment Facilitation – A New Governance Approach to Promote Foreign Direct Investment for Sustainable Development

Photo by WTO/Flickr (altered)

In order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), enormous amounts of investments are needed in areas like health, education, infrastructure, and the adaptation to climate change. To harness the advantages of foreign direct investment (FDI), it is critical that governments have policies and regulations in place that do not only help to attract and retain FDI but also enhance its contribution to sustainable development. In this context, discussions about the establishment of an international framework for investment facilitation have intensified in recent years.

The year ahead in 2019 – Think local when acting globally

Photo: Bridge and GlasballFor 2019, the global challenges are unlikely to become fewer than in 2018, based on the past experiences. The post-cold war international order as we knew it has taken a few blows again in 2018. Some key pillars and narratives are being shifted and challenge the stability of the international architecture. As often with foreign relations, it takes place in a context that consists of both global challenges and domestic priorities. Indicators for change will thus be located in domestic politics of some key countries. Without wanting to sound overly optimistic for a surely difficult year to come, some elements for a change are visible.