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The 2030 Agenda: no poverty reduction without policy coherence

Photo: Knots

Crucial actors need to commit to collaboration

G20 member countries play a crucial role in international organisations by the collective size of their economies and combined political weight, both of which are needed to make the policies of international organisations as coherent as possible to reduce poverty in Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Warum und wie die deutsche EZ die Weltbank besser nutzen sollte – ein Plädoyer für Bi/Multi-Verzahnung

Image: Zahräder

Komplexe Interdependenz

Der Referenzrahmen der Entwicklungspolitik heute ist die globalisierte Welt mit interdependenten Problemlagen. Dies erfordert eine systematische Verzahnung des bi- und multilateralen Instrumentariums und insbesondere eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit der Weltbank.

The Munich Security Conference – three world orders in the making

Image: Munich Security Conference

New directions from Munich

Bringing together more than 400 foreign and security policy elites from the transatlantic community and an irritatingly small number of representatives from the non-Western world, the Munich Security Conference somewhat resembled a couple’s therapy session and an attempt at self-reassurance. Does the West still exist? Do we still need the West? What is the West about? And, finally, a huge question, which world order is it worth fighting for?