EU to the rescue: Priorities for a positive multilateralism

Photo: EU FlagsWe are a long way from 2015. That year, the world committed to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate – promising to end extreme poverty, address corrosive inequality, boost peace and prosperity, and stop climate change.

Now in 2018, we already look back at 2015 with nostalgia. This was the high water mark of multilateralism, brought low by the rise of populism and ‘illiberal democracy’. Suddenly, it seems, we are forced to find ways of rescuing the global rules-based order.

The G20 should champion the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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G20 are committed to the 2030 Agenda

One major objective of the German G20 Presidency is to make progress on realizing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it enshrines. The 2030 Agenda is essential in order to tackle the most pressing domestic and global challenges the world is facing. Therefore, the 2030 Agenda should be understood as providing overarching guidance for all workstreams of the G20. By identifying collective and individual action, the G20 can contribute considerably to the implementation of the Agenda.

Die Prinzipien der 2030 Agenda – welche Fragen richten sie an die deutsche Entwicklungspolitik?

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Mehr Politikkohärenz in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit

Die 2030 Agenda bestätigt die traditionellen entwicklungspolitischen Forderungen nach mehr Politikkohärenz und gesteigertem Mitteleinsatz. Sie erfordert aber auch Reformen, von der Entwicklungspolitik wie in anderen Feldern der internationalen Zusammenarbeit, denn die Umsetzung der Prinzipien der Agenda – Universalität, Unteilbarkeit, niemanden zurücklassen, Vernetztheit – ist mit dem gegenwärtigen getrennten Vorgehen nicht zu erreichen.